Ontario Crafted Singer Songwriter

Courtney is a proud Canadian multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter and multi-platform content creator. Born in Scarborough, Ontario this towering, vivacious, 6’2 amazon bares her soul for an audience starved for the more beautiful aspects of life. Courtney pleases thousands of viewers on her weekly social media live streams and has returned to being an unsigned and independent artist creating, releasing and booking all events and festivals herself. Over the pandemic, she received over 25 Million views on her Facebook live streams. Courtney’s hard work and perseverance paid off as she yet again, gained following on all her other social media presence in 2022 including getting partnered on the Twitch platform. Courtney is a passionate artist who is adamant about sharing her passion and love for life with every creature she can through her music. Performing and writing various genres, Courtney focuses on both taking and learning patron requests and seamlessly slips her originals into live sets of popular music. Her energetic, loving and uplifting aura is surpassed only by her passion to perform and make those around her feel loved and deserving of that love. Her instruments include her powerhouse Vocals, Piano, Guitar, Ukulele and even some Mandolin on occasion!

Career Achievements Timeline
2017: First Solo Show
2018: Debut EP Release
2019: First SINGLE Release
2020: Whispers Release
2021: Signed with Indie Label
2022: Country SINGLE release
CMAO Roots Artist of the Year 


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