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How Courtney Bowles Music Came To Be

By Sam Dominato (her best friend)

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Courtney is a multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter currently based in southern Ontario. Courtney is a proud Canadian songwriter. She performs and writes in many different genres of music with a focus on Popular, Folk and Country Music. Courtney began playing the piano when she was in grade 3, but never took to the classical style and following the written music. She would rewrite the music in a way she liked better much to the dismay of her classical teacher. 

Courtney took vocal lessons with Karen Pace-Kotanko for 2 years as a youngster (10-12), and there are videos at her moms of Courtney with a TOP HAT AND CANE singing "I was Born to Entertain", quite the foreshadowing.. i'm still trying to convince her mom to hand them over!

When She entered Grade 7 she took up the Acoustic Guitar and just 2 months into it she performed the Avril Lavigne tune "Why" for the multicultural school talent show at David Lewis Public School. A short 2 months later, Courtney met a supply teacher named Rick Elliot that changed her musical life. He gifted her an old fashioned capo that looked like this and taught her what a basic song structure was. He gave the class a task of writing a song in the 3 classes he was covering and performing it on day 3. After performing her groups song Mr. Elliot pulled her aside and commended her efforts and suggested a change in chords. She tried the different chord and loved it, and that was what got Courtney writing her own original music.

Courtney sang in her middle school and high school talent shows at J.B. TYRELL and Sir John A MacDonald. She had the privilege of singing "Sweet Child Of Mine" with a full band in Grade 10, and was encouraged when she forgot lyrics on stage and the auditorium full of peers sang them with her. In grade 11, Courtney was Snow White in the school play and sang Leonard Cohens "Hallelujah", As one of the audience members, I can tell you that on each night there was barely a dry eye in the crowd. All through high school Courtney dragged me to more choir and band performances then you could possibly imagine. I say dragged.. but I love to sing and write as well so I loved being along for the ride. She was in Jr. Choir, Sr. choir, Chamber Choir, Guitar, Jazz Band, Jr. Band & Sr. Band. Thats just Violin, Trumpet & Voice when it came to school, but then there was CHURCH. 

All through high school Courtney sang and played in a worship band at Wishing Well Acres Baptist Church. She built her skills on the guitar & keys, learned how to teach harmonies and learned basic kit. In grade 12 she took over leading the Band and every Friday night would lead the group in an hour of music. 

When Courtney started her college education in 2010 she never stopped singing and writing but she did stop performing in venues (for the most part) for 4 years while she completed an Apprenticeship in Equine Management (Horse stuff) & her Diploma in Community and Justice Services at Canadore College in North Bay, Ontario. 

Finally in September 2016, Inspired by her songwriting soulmate, Tyler Adam, Courtney began recording songs for her first Album and booking live music showcases. Her social media following continued to climb as she started collaborating with other artists like Justin Cooper, Former Lead Singer of Big City Lights and Sarah Fazackerley, Frontwoman for Mayfly’s Landing.


Courtney Spent most of 2017 collaborating on shows and refining her craft. Nearing the end of 2017 Courtney began booking solo full shows (3-4 hour bookings) and it was a huge step for her confidence. She continues to collaborate whenever possible but is focused on writing and releasing her Debut Album in 2018.

Her goal is to share her enthusiasm for life by creating amazing memories and extraordinary music. Her audiences are entertained by her energetic personality, wide vocal range and heartfelt songs. It you don't believe me go check her out.. it will be worth it trust me!

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