BOOKING | Courtney Bowles


| Ontario, Canada

                           Why book Courtney?

  • Audiences are thoroughly entertained by her fun, interactive and energetic personality 

  • Her wide vocal range and ability to take requests in many different genres

  • Experience includes Funerals, Weddings, Bars, Restaurants, Venues, Graduations and Private Family and Corporate events

  • Her fan base across the towns in Ontario draws many enthusiastic patrons 

  • Venues receive significant media exposure from thousands of her social media followers 

  • Long track record of reliable appearances and residencies all over southern Ontario

  • Courtney performs as a solo, in a duo and as a full band 

  • Brings all required equipment to produce a live show anywhere including a 2200-Watt Generator & a pickup Truck she can perform out of!



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Canadian singer and songwriter