First Time is a CHARM

Hey Puppetos!! Thanks for coming to check out my ramblings! I imagine that you came here to see what all this is about and honestly; we are in this together! This is my very first attempt at creating written content for the interwebs as a means to explain my musical existence and what I plan to achieve with my time here on this orb. Well here we go. Wham. You are in for a real treat! Hopefully! My name is Courtney. It really is me. For now. Until I make enough dolla bills to pay someone who actually knows what they are doing. I am the author, creator and personality behind all of the COURTNEY BOWLES creative content. I have an incredible and extensive team that help me in a variety of ways and I DO & WILL DO the best I can to ensure you know who those special people are who help create all this wonderful content for your eyes ears and senses.

You probably are here because you know that I make music so I won’t drone on and on about the nitty gritty because… THAT IS WHAT THIS WHOLE THING IS ABOUT!!

I have LOTS of ideas about going forward regarding content.. from deep dives into lyrics, song/album reviews, interviews with MY fav local talent to making some crazy long-distance collaborations with international artists. I am open to any and ALL VLOG and BLOG suggestions. I am sure as time goes on I will find something I LOVE to focus on BLOG wise.. but for now.. you are stuck with MY ADD brain which means the content will be wildly different week to week for now! I have a tendency to jump around regarding motivation depending on the regular consumption of my ADD medication. Very nessisary for someone like me, but not for everyone I know!!! Please bare.. bear??? no bare.. lol with me. I am learning and I appreciate and and all feedback.

I personally think that keeps things exiting but hey, looking for input here. If ANYONE is reading this. What would YOU come back here to see or read about?! Well.... Comment Below or send me an email @

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