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Magic Shoes

Prepare to embark upon on a journey into the depths of your heart and soul with Magic Shoes as your guide! Listening to this pair of exceptional musicians will leave you stranded in the sea of your own mind, battered by waves of excitement and comforted by ripples of tender sentimentality.


Magic Shoes is a diverse and talented duo from Southern Ontario, consisting of Vocalist/ Pianist/ Guitarist/ Percussionist Courtney Bowles and Vocalist /Pianist  /Guitarist /Bassist / Percussionist Graham Unsted. Courtney's love of Country and Pop blends with Graham's passion for Rock and Blues to bring together a multi-genre musical experience which satisfies crowds of all ages and musical preferences. Listeners will never walk away from a Magic Shoes set feeling musically unsatisfied, and the duo's high level of stage presence and crowd interaction provide consistent engagement for every audience whom they perform for.


The powerful vocal prowess of the duo is certain to draw a crowd, but isn't the only source of their strength as performers; Courtney and Graham also make use of their ability as multi-instrumentalists by switching up their roles between (and during!) songs. Their high level of musicianship keeps listeners interested and engaged throughout the performance.

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