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Playing Guitar

Keith Conkie passed away on Sunday April 5, 2020 after a courageous battle with brain cancer, at the age of 58. Keith was a personal inspiration to me because of the way he encouraged others to make music. He lit up the room and made you feel more than welcome each and every time you saw him. He would alwasy end the night with "Until I see you next, please be kind to one another, much love"
He did an amazing job to connecting people and creating a loving and supportive musical community. I wanted to help his legacy live on in whatever way I could so I created a Non-Profit in 2021 called "Keith Conkie's Instruments of Change". Since its birth, the program has taken in over 45 musical donations and repurposed and donated over 70 items to those in the community in musical need. I like to put it this way;

Keith has helped a single young mom play music again after her guitar was stolen and she hadn't been able to play in months.

He has helped create percussion programs in 3 homeless shelter locations in the GTA.

He also made sure a student at a music school in scarborough had an instrument to practice on when her parents wouldn't support her desire to play guitar, but she kept coming EVERY week. There is much more he will do in the coming months and years through this program. Please read on to find out how YOU can help those in musical need too! OR maybe YOU are that person in need! THANK YOU FOR FINDING US! We want to HELP!!



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